I will disable GPU acceleration later and see if I notice any difference. Doing something such as merging a pano will lock up the PC until complete. Copied. And I'd happily change the title of this thread but can't. This has just been happening ever since version 7.x something or another. Lightroom CPU usage bug Mar 5, 2017 I believe I have identified rather annoying bug. Stop struggling with Lightroom! "How to fix it? Ohhh. Aside from the image export process and maybe 1:1 preview generation, Lightroom does not typically use more than a single CPU thread. Lightroom, itself, “only” uses 210Mb of RAM. For detailed information, see Lightroom graphics processor (GPU) troubleshooting & FAQ. Prior to starting Lightroom Classic CC CPU usage is relatively stable at approximately 10%. lightroom cpu usage. Since Lightroom is generally not well optimized for multi-threading, you don’t have to worry about getting a high-end Intel Xeon CPU either. Giving Lightroom access to more than 4 GB of RAM can significantly improve performance. Not so much when using the basic editing tabs but when you start to add a graduated, radial filter, or do any brush strokes it pushes the CPU usage into the hundreds. It is currently using 450% to 525% of the CPU which prevents other programs from running … I'm not using a massively large megapixel camera (only 24). Run Lightroom in 64-bit mode (Lightroom 4 and 3) If you run Lightroom in 64-bit mode, it has access to more than 2 GB of RAM, which is the ceiling for 32-bit operating systems. Trying to find a way to restrict CPU usage of lightroom. 2. It does seem noticeably faster though, particularly when moving between images. Everytime i go to apply a preset the whole laptop freezes and lightroom says not responding with it using 85.6% cpu. Doing something such as merging a pano will lock up the PC until complete. Matt Bach. Lightroom has not been written to take advantage of multiple-cores. Full acceleration uses a GPU for image processing, rendering pixels using a GPU in addition to the CPU as you edit. Basically any time I do any sort of editing work Lightroom taxes my CPU. I've monitored this happening identically on both the third party app and through activity monitor. However, until you actually state the version NUMBER of your Lightroom, we do not know that you have the "current" version. While neither are perfectly using all of the CPU, exporting images is much more efficient. Basically Lightroom is going to kill my computer and uses a massive amount of CPU power when doing things. Thus, I repeat my request that you modify the title of this thread to say Lightroom Classic CC, not Lightroom CC. And yes, I reinstalled version 7.3.1 with Camera Raw 10.3. It is unreasonable! Or are the two different monitors on two different computers? So this has been going on for quite some time starting with some version of Lightroom CC 7.x (I don't remember exactly which). I too am having the same issue. Anyway, it's getting ridiculous and I'm about fed up with it. New Here, Aug 23, 2017. Just navigate to Lightroom Preferences (Edit -> Preferences), click the “Performance” tab, then select “Custom” from the drop-down menu. Lightroom CPU usage bug Started Mar 5, 2017 | Discussions thread Forum: Parent: First: Previous: Next: Flat view (unknown member) • Veteran Member • Posts: 4,585 Re: Lightroom CPU usage … In reply to Victor Engel • Nov 10, 2016 What you want would seem reasonable, as would better/faster parallel processing of static images in Adobe products but it has not happened to the degree it could ideally although the … Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. You may be on the current version of Lightroom Classic CC. Switching from image to image the same happens and doing any sort of before/after view takes about 5 seconds and causes a huge spike in CPU usage. This is a limitation of Lightroom. With hundreds of CPU models available, it can be a daunting task to determine which CPU will give you the best performance in Lightroom. I could only imagine it's that much worse for those using larger files than I. This is a limitation of your hardware. Enhance Details is also accelerated by the GPU. It just seems like every update that is supposed to fix one issue or another just exasperates the issue that much more rather than solving it. Mind you, I brought up the Activity Moniotior, and placed it side by side with LR, Not much CPU, untill I went for a Photo Merge, For an example (and note the CPU went up higher than shown at this point). Like. Use the web site posted by dj_paige to attract the Adobe Engineers attention. .css-kic09h{color:#f0f0f3 !important;background-color:!important;}.css-kic09h:hover{color:#40a3f5 !important;background-color:!important;}.css-kic09h:focus{color:#40a3f5 !important;background-color:!important;}.css-sskn3q{line-height:60px !important;}HOME. Doing common tasks will peg the usage at 100% for the cores and logical processors. Jack Devant. After starting Lightroom, the CPU usage stays steady at approximately 50%. it could be reaching 100% for some of the time and less than that for the rest of the time, but the cpu measure is based on an average over a certain amount of time. The CPU is an i5-6600k, at stock speeds (I overclocked before, but it was unstable) WIN 10, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070 (not used in Lightroom, because that was hard freezing my system) Edit: Just to be clear, sync and face detection are off. Therefore I can only assume that the issue is surrounding how Lightroom handles larger file sizes. Importing and exporting takes up a ton of CPU but I had already read about that being a data intensive process. On both system the GPU-Memory is almost at 100% while the overall usage … Using the GPU also helps Lightroom keep up with the demands of 4K, 5K and larger displays. Same here. Lightroom Classic version: 7.5 License: Creative CloudLanguage setting: en-CAOperating system: Mac OS 10Version: 10.13.6 Application architecture: x64Logical processor count: 4Processor speed: 2.9 GHzBuilt-in memory: 16,384.0 MBReal memory available to Lightroom: 16,384.0 MBReal memory used by Lightroom: 5,954.9 MB (36.3%)Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 7,529.4 MBMemory cache size: 161.8MBInternal Camera Raw revision: 1001Maximum thread count used … This is how Lightroom is supposed to work on large imports and large exports. And, I have noticed a trickle of inquiry’s leading to partial answers to more inquiries. Regards, Denis: System iMac mid-2015, 5K 27” monitor, Ram 24GB, HDD 3TB, macOS 11.1, LrC 10.1, Lr 4.1, Ps 22.1; Camera OM-D E-M1. On Windows, it uses mainly the GPU-memory. All rights reserved. Thanks for your great review. Just so you are aware this is a user to user forum where users like your self try to assist other users with the use of the application. For some actions, specifically exporting and generating previews at import, this high CPU usage is pretty much by design, you are asking the computer to do a lot of work, and it needs high CPU usage to accomplish this work. Posted on 2019-11-18 01:26:24. In details: with Lighroom Classic the CPU usage is always ranging between 150% and 250% while on Lightroom 5 it rarely went over 80%. CPU Usage. Thu, Jan 30, 2014 12:19 AM. After several hours of use, the PC will eventually run out of resources and need to be restarted. I don't remember the CPU usage ever being so intense. There's no need to spend hours hunting for the answers to your Lightroom Classic questions. I have noticed that CPU usage is much higher in Lightroom Classic compared to Lightroom 5. Right now our plate is pretty full, but that is pretty close to the top of my to-do list. Nebeldiener . ... and the GPU usage momentarily spikes when developing. Please be aware that a lot of people will object if your proposal means to slow down Lightroom on big imports and big exports. /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222207#M130537, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222208#M130538, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222209#M130539, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222210#M130540, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222211#M130541, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222212#M130542, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222213#M130543, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222214#M130544, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222216#M130546, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222217#M130547, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222218#M130548, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222219#M130549, /t5/lightroom-classic/massive-cpu-usage-from-lightroom-classic-cc/m-p/10222215#M130545. When exporting my RAW images to JPEGs to send to clients Lightroom uses up all of the available CPU power which makes the mouse stutter and makes it very hard to do any other task whilst the export is occuring. I've cleaned my fans of all dirt, dust and debris and that didn't stop the fan problem. I need any solutions. It is totally unnecessary to stress the CPU so much while saving. See how NVIDIA GPU acceleration of Adobe Lightroom CC compares to a CPU. Can anyone offer a solution short of wiping my entire computer and starting over from scratch? So that the import to Lightroom is bound by the speed of the CPU. The Lightroom catalog is fairly typical around 26,000 photos with 4,000 keywords. Lightroom: Reduce CPU usage while exporting jpeg. Adobe Lightroom CC / 6 now offers GPU acceleration on interactive tools and sliders in the Develop module. The slow-down point comes with fewer local adjustments on larger monitors. Just another Adobe customer; My Sys; APP: LRC 10.1, PS 22.0; CMP: WIN WS 16GB OS 10 v1909 (18363), mid 2015 MBPr 15” 16GB MACOS 10.15.7; 4K EXT DSPY; CAM: Canon 5D Mk III, Fuji X-T3. Still wouldn't explain the CPU usage problem. And rather than acting all high and mighty and scolding me for not typing everything out the way YOU wanted it to be (I'm not a mind reader), there are better approaches worth looking into. To dj_Paige: I'm on the current version of lightroom CC. Prior to starting Lightroom Classic CC CPU usage is relatively stable at approximately 10%. However they do not happen when I edit using just the smart previews rather than the original files. Previously, GPU usage was primarily utilized for display but the new release gives you an additional option to turn on the GPU for image processing. Copy link to clipboard. Like 50% 75% or 100% CPU core/thread usage. I have a laptop with a GTX 1050 2GB and a computer with a RTX 2070 8GB. Joined Dec 23, 2012 … When I talk about Lightroom being efficent or not efficient with multiple cores, you can see the difference in the CPU usage in task manager between the two tasks. A well known and documented problem, especially if you are using a 4K or larger monitor. After re-install, you have confirmed that it is running the latest Lr 7.3.1? try a slower computer It may well be just a matter of how the cpu usage is displayed. 3. You can now use the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of your system for image editing in Lightroom Classic. That is definitely something I want to look at! If your system has 2 cores, and Lightroom is pegged at 50% CPU usage, then I can make the following observations: Lightroom is using 100% of one of the cores. L. LRList001 Active Member. I am also facing High CPU usage I understand my Configuration is not that high but its taking lot of time especially when I use brush or spot removal tool.. I am running CC on a Mac and have been on the phone with Adobe for numerous hours. Classic Or Cloud? As of the August 2019 update of Lightroom Classic, Adobe has further improved GPU usage in Lightroom, and the menu for toggling the GPU has changed slightly. Any sort of basic editing and I'm still pushing 40-75ish percent. For example, full acceleration can improve how fast you see results as you move the Texture slider. I have to until it finishes export/import or building previews. As far as I know, there really is no good solution within LR at this time for the speed problems caused by brushing or other local adjustments with a 4K or larger monitor. After several hours of use, the PC will eventually run out of resources and need to be restarted. This is made of the memory used by Lightroom, by Microsoft Windows, and by the antivirus. Doing common tasks will peg the usage at 100% for the cores and logical processors. It doesn't matter if will take a little bit longer the process. I have to use a third party app to suppress this, (APassistant) Posted on 2018-02-13 22:50:35.