He appears to be the leader, and spends little time interrogating her, but insists they must move soon and so must do something about Jamie before they go. The next morning, Claire reveals to Ned that she knows now that they're raising funds for the Stuart cause, and tells him they have no chance. Aired August 9, 2014 – May 30, 2015 [1] Outlander S01E11 The Devil's Mark (1080p x265 10bit S83 Joy) By AbdelrahmanGharieb . There, her escape comes to a screeching halt when she trips over Jamie, who thinks Claire's plan was doomed to fail, considering the extra guards Colum had posted around the castle grounds. Season One of the Outlander television adaptation began filming in Scotland in the fall of 2013 and premiered on August 9, 2014. Outlander (1991) Season 1 ("Castle Leoch") Liam Carney: Hamish MacKenzie The son and heir of Colum and his wife Letitia, who has secretly been fathered by Dougal MacKenzie. She cannot understand his long speech in Gaelic, but is appalled when suddenly Dougal tears a huge rent in Jamie's shirt to reveal the scars on his back. Over their meal, Claire explains her situation, and Lord Thomas seems sympathetic, even so far as to offer her an escort back to Inverness. They are interrupted yet again, this time by word of a skirmish nearby that has left men severely wounded. Arabic. Outlander, ou Outlander - Le Chardon et le Tartan au Québec et en Suisse, est une série télévisée américaine créée par Ronald D. Moore et diffusée depuis le 9 août 2014 sur Starz1 et au Canada depuis le 24 août 2014 sur Showcase2 pour les deux premières saisons, puis en simultané sur W Network3 depuis la troisième saison. 1945: After serving as a combat nurse in France during the War, Claire Randall travels to the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Frank, so that they may become reacquainted after years apart. When she awakens, Claire discovers that the car is missing, and soon hears noises of what seem to be men engaged in battle. Season 1 Outlander Critics Consensus. Trying to sleep, Claire hears a noise outside her room, and upon investigation she discovers Jamie outside her door. Claire maintains that she is just Claire Beauchamp, and finally Dougal says he believes her, now that she has drunk from St. Ninian's spring, a liar's spring. Learn more about Outlander's journey from best-selling book to anticipated television series. Randall plants a seed of hope in her by suggesting he will let her be escorted to Inverness, but swiftly crushes it by punching her in the belly, knocking the wind out of her. Loyal, fierce, and spirited. Even after Claire points out the girl to him, Jamie hardly notices Laoghaire, and insists on escorting Claire back to the surgery. The hasty marriage takes place and, in order to be legal, it must be consummated that night. Outlander (TV Series 2014– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. To Ransom A Man's Soul A visit from Black Jack causes Jamie to realize a fate exists that is worse than his death sentence. Before he can do whatever harm he intended, another man knocks him out, and forcibly takes Claire with him. Dismayed, Claire fears she will never escape the castle, but her hope is renewed while enjoying another night of Gwyllyn's music. Season One Without the first season’s dedication to female gaze-led sex scenes, the way each moment is led by Claire’s desire and Claire’s needs, there is no Outlander. After menacing threats from the Highlanders to mind his own business, Claire declines to ask for help and the man retreats to resume his redcoat uniform. In her surgery, Claire goes about her work, her hopes of escape diminished until Dougal visits to inform her that she will accompany him and his men on the road while they travel through the MacKenzie lands to collect rents. Dougal then explains that the only way to out of turning Claire over to the English is to change her from an English subject into a Scottish one, and to do that she must marry a Scot. While traveling, a life changing opportunity arises. While looking around the circle afterwards, Claire spots a plant that interests her, but she and Frank make a hasty escape when one of the women returns to sit. 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13 Outlander: Mysterious Season 1 Appearance Finally Addressed Who was that mystery man in a kilt looking up at Claire's window in the very first episode of Outlander? The man takes her to a cottage, where many more men stand talking in a strange language, and one of them, Dougal MacKenzie, addresses her in English. Over the course of the next few days, preparations are underway for the coming Gathering, in which MacKenzie men travel to Castle Leoch with their families to pledge their loyalty to Colum. Claire administers a decoction of belladonna to counteract the poison, and Tammas recovers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We use Cookies to provide you with the best user experience. In the matter of a girl's loose behavior, Jamie volunteers to take the girl's punishment. Meanwhile in 1743, Claire is trying to come to terms with her marriage to Jamie. In one small village, Claire joins a group of women waulking wool to pass the time. When the young corporal from earlier comes upon them, Randall orders the young soldier to kick Claire repeatedly. Claire goes on the road with Dougal as he collects rents from the tenants. She puts it back on, and looks down at her hands, her two wedding rings. Outlander season 5 has released the first photos from Claire and Jamie's wedding ceremony. Though she backpedals to assure her loyalty to King George, Lord Thomas is clearly more suspicious of her. Armed with sheer grit and enduring strength, Jamie is a young Scottish man with a complicated past. Randall then proceeds to describe the circumstances she has referred to, in gruesome detail. Please enable it to continue. What made Ronald D. Moore want to bring this series to life? 2 • Season 2 • Season 3 • Season 4 • Season 5 During that night's display, however, Claire recognizes the name "Stuart" in Dougal's speech, even though he's speaking Gaelic. Finale And you know it. During the hunt the next day, a man is fatally wounded, and Claire speaks soothing words to him while Dougal holds the man until he dies. Their journey is delayed by another scuffle with the redcoats, and later by Jamie losing consciousness and falling off his horse, but eventually the group makes it to Castle Leoch, which looks quite different from the time Claire saw it 200 years in the future. Outlander Season 6 has been delayed. Murtagh and Ned explain to Claire that it's the Watch, who extort money in exchange for "protection" from the English, but in this case they are doling out justice to redcoat sympathizers. An Englishman approaches the scene and asks Claire if she is all right. However, the happiness turns sour. Season One of the Outlander television adaptation began filming in Scotland in the fall of 2013 and premiered on August 9, 2014. By Philip Etemesi Apr 21, 2020. Here's what we know so far. The run-ins she has with various characters on the way include a major run-in with Dougal, and yet another moment with Jamie alone - building their relationship. While the group packs up to move on with their journey, the mention of Culloden Moor recalls to Claire her harrowing visit to the field in the 20th century, with the knowledge that thousands of men, most of them Highlanders, were destined to die there. The first season was well-received by both critics and fans. February Picks: The Movies and TV Shows You Can't Miss, February TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, Biggest Golden Globe-Nominated Transformations Over the Years. Claire and Geillis stand trial for witchcraft; Claire learns a secret about Geillis' past. While Frank busies himself with genealogical research, Claire pursues an interest in botany. Outlander follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. The first season has 16 episodes, each an hour long, and covers the first book in the series. Drawn close by this moment of intimacy, Claire backs off hastily, but from that point on feels friendly toward the lad. Though he demonstrates doubt about the strength of her story, he promises safe passage for her to Inverness in a few days' time. Dougal takes Claire to a spring to drink water, and again asks her for the truth about her identity. 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13 They bury the men and continue on, stopping at an inn for the night. À cette occasion, une photo réunissant Jamie et Claire, ainsi que le résumé officiel de ces nouveaux épisodes ont été dévoilés. Please click Learn More if you'd like to read more about how Starz uses cookies. She consents, and Dougal goes with her. Embarrassed, Claire retreats to the bedroom, and Jamie joins the men wearing only his shirt, to get food for himself and Claire. She had just escaped the man when she encountered Randall in the woods. Season 1 is well-cast and well-filmed. She dodges several obstacles (Mrs. Fitz, Laoghaire, and a drunken Dougal) but eventually makes her way to the stables, where she intends to steal a horse and flee the castle. Claire joins the surgeon to assist in an amputation. Claire's abilities as a healer puts her at odds with the town priest when she saves a boy's life, and deepens the suspicions against her. There has been no official word on what the cats will look for in Outlander season 6, … 1 • Season 1, Vol. Season Two Suddenly, Captain Jonathan Randall barges into the room; Lord Thomas objects to the amount of road dust on the man's uniform, and as Randall starts to leave, he catches sight of Claire and stares at her. While he escorts Claire back to the castle, they are waylaid by a group of men, one of whom insists that Jamie take his turn to pledge the oath to Colum. Colum seems to accept this, and the clansmen do as well. Claire makes the mistake of leaving the room to go down for food, and faces a room full of "witnesses" in the taproom below. While collecting food for the kitchens, Claire is startled by Geillis Duncan, the wife of the procurator fiscal in the local village of Cranesmuir. Outlander season 6 does not have a premiere date yet. As the party prepares to leave the cottage, Claire notices that she can't see the lights of Inverness, though Jamie insists they are looking straight at it, and it starts to sink in for Claire that she is no longer in the 20th century. Hugh also imparts some possibly vital information about a man who may have witnessed the murder for which Jamie was wrongly accused. Season 1, Vol. While there, a strange feeling overcomes her when she touches one of the stones, and she loses consciousness. Later, Claire talks to Jamie about Dougal's idea to have the two of them wed, and Claire asks Jamie about his possible objections. Although Claire maintains that she is a guest of the clan MacKenzie, Foster insists she accompany him to speak to his commander. She is startled when Dougal begins to make advances on her, but she simply tells him, "I'm Jamie's wife," and leaves to return to the bedroom. The first episode, "Sassenach," sets the stage for much to come in the series, but in just one hour you experience a … Through long hours of conversation, Jamie describes the preparations he undertook for their wedding – securing the offices of a priest, Ned's task of finding a wedding gown in a brothel, Murtagh finding a Fraser tartan for Jamie to wear, Rupert and Angus arranging for Claire's ring to be made from an old key – as well as stories about his family. The fifth season ended in May 2020, so it may be a bit of a wait until the sixth season. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, "I Give You My Body...": How I Write Sex Scenes, Outlander: Season 1, Vol. Arabic. Called to attend to Colum in his chambers, the laird asks Claire to massage his muscles to make movement easier for him, and she agrees. Sassenach As a guest-turned-prisoner, Claire contemplates what would happen if she told anyone the truth about how she came to be in the Highlands, and imagines that she would be deemed a witch or something similarly nefarious. Claire meets the young girl, Laoghaire, whose punishment Jamie took during Hall, during an evening's entertainment by the bard Gwyllyn. The officers there feel sorry for Frank, but insist that they have done all they can to find his wife, and the logical conclusion is that Claire left willingly. She learns of a boy that took ill and died, and asks why she was not summoned to help, but Mrs. Fitz explains that it was demons that killed the boy.

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