Find more ways to say carbon copy, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Using the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) Feature in Email For security and privacy reasons, it is best to use the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature when sending an email message to a large number of people. From what I am seeing, using Cc: is a discretionary call that some are unable to make. Emails can be sent to multiple recipients in different ways. To, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) can be used to specify recipients in different ways. carbon copy definition: 1. a copy of a document, made with carbon paper 2. a person or thing that is very similar to or…. When a message is blind carbon copied, neither the main recipient nor the Bcc'd recipients can see … However, when using BCC, the primary recipients of the email will be unaware of other recipients you’ve included. You will first need to create a rule to automatically send a carbon copy (Cc) of all email messages that you send. When a person uses carbon copy as a verb for emails, they usually use the abbreviation, and add an indirect object after it. Outlook can automatically carbon-copy (cc) or blind carbon-copy (bcc) any address (or more than one) you specify on every message you send, with whatever criteria you establish. if you use bcc, an email will go along with the specified email address in the bcc field. When you address an email TO someone, it’s notifying that person that the email is for their attention or action. Stop! if you use cc, an email will go along with the specified email address in the cc field. If you want to send an email to a contact or several contacts, you might want to keep some of the recipient email addresses private using the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) Field. The term comes from carbon copying, in which a piece of carbon paper copies writing from one paper to another (often used when filling out forms). That means that you can blind carbon copy on every email sent from that user. It’s not enabled by default, but adding it as a field for all future emails is a simple process. The recepient in the "to" of the email will see the included extra email address. In some circumstances, the typist creating a paper correspondence must ensure that … Here’s how to do it in Outlook 2010. So, when is it appropriate to use the Cc: feature in your business email? Hence, it’s a little more confidential than CC. If you were to send an email message by using your email … When you send an e-mail message, you typically type the recipient's … Be rude, say nothing – … Carbon copy can be a noun, which describes the actual paper or email that is a copy. The BCC Address field is where you could define an email … CC: carbon copy. … When you write an email to someone, you have the option to address the email TO a recipient, [tooltip hint=”Carbon Copy”]CC[/tooltip] or [tooltip hint=”Blind Carbon Copy”]BCC[/tooltip]. It can also act as a verb. Cc means carbon copy and Bcc means blind carbon copy. The screenshot below shows the User Information section in Configuration Manager. The BCC (blind carbon copy) field allows you to send an email to multiple recipients. I’m not sure exactly when or why the blind carbon copy (BCC) was invented, but I have seen it misused, misunderstood, and misfired too many times to count. Example: Please cc all the department heads when you email the CEO. A carbon copy, or "Cc'd" message is an e-mail that is copied to one or more recipients. It's kind of funny that a software application would use abbreviations that refer to pre-software days. When you place email addresses in the BCC field of a message, those addresses are invisible to the recipients of the email. Carbon copy definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Jakarta:Ketika Anda mengirimkan email, di bagian bawah dari penerima email utama, Anda akan menemukan bagian "CC" dan "BCC".CC merupakan singkatan dari "carbon copy" sementara BCC adalah singkatan dari "blind carbon copy". The simple term “carbon copy” comes from the days of manual typewriters, when copies were made by typing on paper with several layers. Every recipient email address you enter into the “to” and “cc” fields will be able to see each other. TO : This feild must be written with the email id of the recipient for which the email is intended i.e. How to use carbon copy in a sentence. First of all, this is not a question about Gmail but about essentially every email system in use today. CC singkatan dari “carbon copy”, sementara BCC singkatan dari “blind carbon copy.” Pada masa saat email ditemukan, istilah carbon copy mungkin cukup familiar di telinga masyarakat umum. For emailing, you use Cc when you want to copy others publicly, and Bcc when you want to do it privately. Call Febooti Command line email from Scheduled Tasks, CGI scripts, VBA, virtually from any software, also can be used in automatic email tasks and MAPI replacement. Don’t offer thanks or send a jokey message. The carbon paper helped the ink or type move from the top sheet to the bottom, and presto, you had two copies of the same paperwork. A CC or carbon copy instructs the mail system to … This tutorial will help you use mail merge facility for mass mailing along with ccing the email to other participants. In e-mail terminology, Cc stands for "carbon copy" and Bcc stands for "Blind carbon copy".The difference between Cc and Bcc is that carbon copy (CC) recipients are visible to all other recipients whereas those who are BCCed are not visible to anyone.. To specify the recipients, an e-mail message can contain … Don’t send that email. Super Email Extractor; Cube-IQ; EZTitles; AirPcap; Quake I port for Nokia Series 60 (2nd) Sim Card Forensic Data Retrieval Tool; Recover Deleted Message; Remo Recover (Windows) FreeSmith Video Player; Gleim CMA Test Prep Beware the BCC. A client-side rule runs only on the computer on which it is created, and only runs if Outlook is running. Sending a carbon copy letter, also known as "cc'ing" someone, simply means that you intend to send the letter to multiple recipients. In common usage, an email message has three fields for addressees: the To field is for principal recipients of the message, the CC field indicates secondary recipients whose names are visible to one another and to the principal, and the BCC (blind carbon copy) field contains the names of tertiary recipients whose names are … (and you want everyone to explicitly see this) Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) - Put the email address here if you are sending your recipient(s) a Copy and you do not want the other recipients to see that you sent it to this contact. It is a handy way to secretly send a copy of your email to interested third parties while keeping the original recipients blind to that fact. To, CC and BCC in email mean. The Email Address field represents the email address associated with that user (the 'from' email address). Note: Copying your emails stores them in both email addresses, which counts toward your email account's maximum storage capacity.To avoid storing the emails, you can set up a forwarding address.. Log in to your … However, the term is now commonly used in reference to e-mail. Both the main recipient (whose address is in the "To:" field) and the Cc'd recipients can see all the addresses the message was sent to. This is also called keeping CC recipients in the loop. When referring to email, “cc” means carbon copy and “bbc” means “blind carbon copy”. CC recipients are not generally expected to … The people you send it TO don’t know that others are secretly on the … Both “cc” and “bcc” are additional fields you can enter when sending an email. Any recipients added to the Bcc box will not be shown to any other recipients who receive the message. Cc: Stands for "Carbon Copy." Let's see clearly what what does three fields i.e. Send a copy of every email you receive to another email address; this is known as carbon copying. Remember carbon copies? Carbon copy definition is - a copy made by carbon paper. If you do, you will add to your carbon footprint. If you add a recipient's name to the Bcc (blind carbon copy) box in an email message, a copy of the message is sent to the recipient that you specify. Bcc originally stood for blind carbon copy because when typewriters were the standard, a typist could create a duplicate by using a special kind of carbon paper. ‘Blind carbon copy’ is a way of sending emails to multiple people without them knowing who else is receiving the email. This particular rule is called a client-side rule. You can attach files to email, use HTML e-mail messages, use CC (Carbon Copy) and / or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Use Cc: (Carbon Copy) - for recipients you are sending a copy to. The email addresses you add to the “bcc” […] Between each layer of paper was a thin sheet with carbon on the bottom side, so that when the typewriter keys hit the paper, the impact made a “carbon copy” of the letter on the paper … Email addresses in this field will receive a copy of the email. Any recipients on the Bcc line of an email are not visible to others on the email. Email is a popular way of communication in private life and business life. Use Cc: with Discretion. Learn more. Look it up now! CC stands for carbon copy. These days, an email CC means you sent a copy of a message to someone other than the direct recipient – it's an easy way to keep vested parties in the loop on a subject. Today, copy machines and email have made the process much easier. In fact it’s standardised in RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. Originally known as Carbon Copy back in the day of typewriters, Cc: is now referred to as Courtesy Copy. Seperti yang disebutkan oleh How to Geek,pada dasarnya, baik CC dan BCC memungkinkan Anda untuk mengirimkan email … CC is done just to keep the recipients informed about the matter that sender and recipients in To field are discussing through email. To have Outlook deliver a copy of each email you send to a certain address (or addresses) via Cc: Another word for carbon copy. The BCC allows you to write an email TO some people and BCC others. BCC: blind carbon copy. In the past, sending a carbon copy letter was a time-consuming process. Blind carbon copy (abbreviated Bcc) allows the sender of a message to conceal the person entered in the Bcc field from the other recipients.This concept originally applied to paper correspondence and now also applies to email..

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